Crossing the Finish Line

This week, I found out that the San Francisco Marathon is on of the 15 toughest marathons. In 2008, I ran it! See? Here I am crossing the finish line!

Crossing the Finish Line!


Here is an outline of my experience in something written on August 6, 2008. (Little did I know I’d be getting married 2 years later on that day!)

Mile 1: Wow, this is crowded–but it’s so beautiful! San Francisco is amazing this early in the morning. The buildings, the smell of the bay (which smells like Manitowoc), the excited chatter of the other runners, wow. I love this.

Mile 3: I love this.

Mile 4: I love this.

Mile 5: Wow. The first hill up to the Golden Gate! This is the first of the three big hills! Here’s to kicking some butt!

Mile 7: I’m on the Golden Gate Bridge! I’m running across it! I love this.

Mile 7.5: This vista point is awesome. Energy gel? Not awesome. It tastes like flouride from the dentist. Thank goodness for water to wash it down.

Mile 8: I’m on the Golden Gate Bridge! I’m running across it! I love this.

Mile 10: So this is the bad hilly part? Ok. I have the energy. I can do this! And it’s actually fun!

Mile 13: I’m half way there! Wow! I’m still doing ok! And I’m in a beautiful park. Wow. I love this.

Mile 14: Who knew–mile 14 = the beer mile. Thank you for the best water stop to date, hashers!

Mile 16: Hey, I might actually finish.

Mile 17: Holy crap, I’m still running.

Mile 17.5: Energy gel–effective but really, really, really gross. Toothpaste power!

Mile 18: My side hurts. Must contract abs.

Mile 19: I need to walk for a bit. My legs hurt–a lot.

Mile 19.5: Seriously? Another hill?

Mile 20: Ok, I’m going to try running again.

Mile 20.1: Ok, my muscles are too tired to control my body running down hill. I think I’ll walk.

Mile 21; Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

Mile 22: I am in so much pain. This sucks. This sucks a lot. Note to self–remember how much fun the first half was? Maybe I should stick with half marathons.

Mile 23: Another hill?

Mile 23.5: Dear observer who is cheering me on,
Please do not cheer me on and single me out by name. I am in pain and hate everything right now. I’m sorry to be unappreciative–but curl up and die. Please?

Mile 24: Another hill? Are you effing kidding me?

Mile 25: I’m turning the corner and heading toward the bay bridge. Thank goodness! Calypso music suits this moment.

Mile 25.5: AT&T park is neat from this angle. I like this marina thing…one more mile. One more mile! Yea!

Mile 26: Holy cow! I’m actually going to finish this! And then I never have to run this far again!

Mile 26.2: (as I burst into tears) I did it! I never have to run this far again. I did it. Thank you Lord. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. My legs hurt.

Mile 26.3: This medal is gigantic. I love post race food–candy, chips, bananas, and super expensive promotional granola bars. Yea!

I am very proud to have finished. Unless there is an exceptionally compelling reason, I do not think I will run a marathon again. (I won’t even start with how much I hated training. HATED.) Half marathons, however? Count me in!!!


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