How are we doing?

Remember when I made goals a few months ago? Time to check in and see how it’s going!
Actual goals:

  • Up the workout intensity. Go hard or go home
  • Yup!

  • Make a to do list at the beginning of every week. Include the following as it applies.
  • Yup!

  • Eat good meals at home more often–meaning cooking veggies, salads, and fresh foods, not nachos and Manwhich.
  • Meh, somewhat.

  • Try one new recipe a week
  • Nope

  • Join something–a book club, class, or running club. Something that gets me out of the house doing something with new people.
  • YES!!!! VICTORY!!!!

  • Contact one old friend every week just to chat (even on Facebook chat. That counts, right?)
  • Nope

  • Host a party
  • I had the fam over for Christmas! It was great!

  • Get rid of ill fitting clothing or things I don’t wear. This is embarrassing, seeing as I fix ill fitting clothing for a living
  • LOL. Nope.

  • Ignore my phone during work hours. This includes “just checking” my e-mail
  • Nope. Oops.

  • Really celebrate thankful Thursday. I like made up holidays
  • Yup. I’ve also instituted Smug Bastard Mondays, where I review Facebook status updates that hit the trifecta of douchebaggery–a check in, a Instagram photo (preferably of food), and a douche-y update (Nothing like a glass of Pinot after a day of reading Shakespeare to underprivileged blind orphans!)

  • Read one positive book a month. For me, these are usually biographies of people I admire.
  • Yes!!!!

  • Hit my happy number in my savings.
  • it’s been an expensive few months between root canals, weddings, and Christmas. Savings can wait.

  • Finalize all the business paperwork. Blech.
  • I have answers, so somewhat?

Self improvement goals

  • Stop taking things personally
  • Find that silver lining!
  • Truly work on fostering friendships. I’ve been lonely, but it is truly my fault for not making more of an effort.
  • Stop with the @*$&# internal drama.
  • I did well on these. Except the last one. Drama llama, table for one.

    So what is next for the new year? I have no specific racing goals (just run consistently and for fun); keep the workouts fun and challenging–perhaps it’s time to get certified as a spinning instructor?; and keep my head on straight, alter some dresses, create a presence on Facebook, and enjoy the hell out of it. Whatever it is, I’m sure I’ll anxiously blah blah blah about it here.

    It all boils down to defining what I want, communicating what I need, and cherishing what I love. 2012 has had some very difficult parts, and inevitably 2013 will as well. Even through the bad dark places, the world still looks bright. I hope it always does.

    I hope your year has you as happy, content, and smiley as this :

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