Too Much Technology!

At the start of every year, I vow to do better at tracking what I do, what I eat, etc.–until it gets overwhelming.  This year, I have obsessed with learning to use my heart rate monitor and maximizing my workouts.

This has been a frustrating process.  I have 2 HRM–a Polar F6 strap (the poor watch bit it after an unfortunate trip through the washer AND dryer), which I use in spin class because it connects with the bike; and a Garmin 15 +HRM.  Sometimes I’ll wear both at once–I have found that the Polar registers my HR appx 7 beats higher than my Garmin.

It’s frustrating reading up on where my heart rate *should* be (at age 35, max heart rate is appx. 185, depending on the calculations used.)  My HR is SO HIGH compared to what is recommended.

Average HR for spin–165.
High–175-182, especially during HIIT rounds

Average for a tempo run–170
Average for a easy run–165

In spin, where I am very aware of my HR and ability to speak, I don’t find myself “feeling it” and finding it difficult to speak until 165+. My heart rate does come down quickly at the end of sprints/HIIT rounds (where my HR gets very high) so there’s that. It’s frustrating reading all kinds of articles that seem to indicate that my heart is going to explode.  But if it does, I’m doing what I love.

I got my husband a Fitbit flex for Christmas, and he has also quickly become obsessed with daily tracking steps, sleep, etc.  I do wear my Garmin during the day to track steps, but it tends to be bulky (which is not a great thing when you are dealing with fabric all day.)

But tracking sleep!  Do I need a Fitbit?  Or is it better to get a Garmin Vivofit for every day?  Or a Polar whatever that does the same thing so I can track my HR?

Too much technology!

How do you track your workouts?  What gadgets do you use?  Any words of wisdom? 

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5 thoughts on “Too Much Technology!

  1. I track with my polar hrm and mfp. I calculate each workout and food!

    1. I love My Fitness Pal! I also have been known to go on a run just to drink a Margarita. 🙂

      1. Lol i watch my count read out and do a few jumping jacks to hit my treat goal lol

  2. I have a Polar FT60, that I wear with every workout. I really like it, but I find the heart rate signal dropping a lot. I am looking for something else to add or possibly replace my Polar with something more reliable and that has more capabilities. I haven’t decided on anything yet because it will have to fit my budget too. What do you think about your husband’s FitBit? Does it track heart rate and calories burned?
    Maliha @

    1. For tracking a workout, nothing beats a Polar heart rate monitor. I have noticed that my signal will drop if I don’t meet at pre-moisten the connecting nodes on the inside of the band. You may also want to check and see if your battery needs replacing in the heart rate strap. Most of the research I’ve done indicates they last for approximately two years.

      As for a fit bit, my husband has a Fitbit Flex which tracks his movement throughout the day and sleep. It doesn’t have any heart rate capabilities or GPS, so it doesn’t do the same things of the Polar or Garmin.

      Fitbit just came out with a Charge HR which does have a heart rate strap that goes along with it. That might be something to look into – the retail price is around 150.

      However, replacing your Polar is a steal – you can get an F4 on Amazon for around $55 right now

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