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The Torpedo Missed

I woke up feeling different this morning. Maybe it was skipping spinning in favor of sleeping in ( thinking I can go at 8…and then woke up at 8:10.) Maybe it was just plain getting enough sleep. Maybe it was having a relaxing weekend with my husband–a genuinely relaxing weekend not weighed down by preparations for Christmas/visitors/whatever.

I woke up ready to start altering dresses again.

It was finally time to go back to the bridal shop and ask them to take me back.

I have been terrified of this. I cut off working last April very suddenly. I wouldn’t say that I left them in a lurch per se (they don’t do alterations in house, they just refer people to local businesses.) I was the number one place to which they referred brides, and then I was gone.

I was certain I’d be told to go screw myself.

I am shocked–shocked–when I was welcomed back with open arms (and tears! The manager cried! Tears of joy!). I had no idea alterations professionals were so hard to come by in this town.

I am so grateful. I was certain I had destroyed my business when I hit the skids last spring–and with that, a piece of myself. I’ve missed it.

Cliche as it is, I know that this time it will be different. I have an office with an entrance that is not in our house. No more disruption to the whole family whenever I have appointments. I know my limits better. I’m also much, much better at altering clothing in general–faster, sleeker, more streamlined.

I have experience and outside entrance on my side.

I celebrated with a 7 mile run wearing the awesome jacket my mom and dad got me for Christmas. The sleeves are the absolute perfect length. Note the angry puppy who wants to go for a walk in the corner.



Operation Irish Dance Dress–RESULTS!

She loved it!
From this research:
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
To this rendering:
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
To the final result!
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Sadly, I did not get a picture of the tiny matching dress for her American Girl doll. Fun, time consuming project–and no alterations needed. I feel like a badass.

Enjoy, Miss Emma!!

Operation Irish Dancing Dress

A friend recently asked me to make her daughter an Irish dancing dress for Christmas and a matching dress for her American girl doll with this kind of flavor (or at least, this is one of the pictures she sent me):

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I’m excited–and a little intimidated. I have never seen an Irish dancing dress in person, but am pretty confident in my abilities to make one. It will be a tough project without an embroidery machine (I’ll be faking that part), but it should be interesting.

Here is the design.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Thank goodness the husband is going to be out of town this week–I can’t wait to get down to working out the embroidery and designs. Just me, the puppy, and hopefully only a few late nights. Pictures to come later.

A Room With a View–Finally

From this:
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
To this:
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
To this:
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
To this:
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
To this.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I had my first official appointment in my new office today. I can’t describe how wonderful it was.

No one walking through my living room to the bedroom.
No one cares if my dishes are done or living room is perfectly dusted (except, of course, that it always is, right? Right…)
No worries that my dog’s loud barking in the next room will disturb the fitting.
The chickens! No more of their squawking right under the window.
No worrying if someone is going through the desk drawers or eyeing our valuables for evil.

Best of all–appointments don’t disrupt the whole household.

Thank you, husband, for all your work. Enjoy remaining on the couch in your undies while I meet with clients.

Here’s to a Week of Awesome

I have wanted to post the same thing every day this week.

Monday: Rest day–one that I feel I’ve earned! I finally feel like I’m back!
Tuesday: HIIT class was awesome! I finally feel like I’m back!
Wednesday: Spin class was awesome! I finally feel like I’m back!
Thursday: Conditioning class! I finally feel like I’m back!
Friday: Pre-work 4 miler! I finally feel like I’m back!
Saturday: Rest day–but I’m dying to run.
Sunday: 9.5 miles (and a self-proclaimed mental health, obligation free morning)! Not too shabby!

Seriously, it’s been insane how happy, excited and alive my workouts have made me this week.

I’m not sure if this is my body finally settling into the routine of the school year, or if the extra stress at work is funneling itself into more motivation to get out and move, or if I’m glossing over some things that are really bugging me right now. Work has been very stressful. Balancing family commitments, church commitments, and clients has been stressful. Running/pushup/spinning/squat time has been the great big bright shiny kickass beacon of awesome that I needed.

Overall, it’s pretty swell. I’m hoping this carries on to the rest of the week.

Also, I had a bride bring me this when she came to pick up her dress. I love my clients!
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Musings of a Sunday

I have made peace with the treadmill.

I used to hate–HAAAATE–the treadmill. Five minutes would feel like an hour, and 3 miles a marathon. Today, I found my zen at 4 miles. Not more, not less. Running at about a 9:05 pace, 4 miles takes just under 37 min. I am pleased with this.

However, I really felt the pressure was on. Why? Because in the nearly empty gym where at least 35 of the 40 treadmills were available, I had people choose the two machines right next to me.


One was a girl from my spin class. Now she knows how running at that pace makes me gasp like I’m dying. Running at that pace is not easy, and it makes me want to do this. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Paranoia that someone is checking out your pace/calorie count/time sucks.

Speaking of running, big congrats to my baby sister, who ran her 3rd hold marathon and PRed today!!! I’m so proud of her–she’s been rocking the paleo diet lately and has lost 20 lbs. What an inspirational Rockstar!!!

On the dress front, I had 5 appointments today. 3 bridesmaid dresses–perfect. Wedding gown 1–perfect. Wedding gown 2-a bit too tight. Simple to adjust, but the real magic was when bride 2 put on her dress. It had been about 6 sizes too big, and when she put it on and it fit for the first time (granted, a bit too tight), she cried.

That’s the beauty of doing bridal alterations–the moment when something off the rack becomes YOURS.

No bike for you!

Posted on

4:37: alarm goes off
4:42: snooze goes off, I get up
4:47: Out the door
4:58: Arrive at the gym
5:02: Discover there are no available spinning bikes.
5:04: Leave the gym

I shouldn’t have hit snooze.

Today’s obvious solution was to go home, finish a dress for a 10:30 fitting,and hit the gym later for a 8 am class. I was almost swayed to stay for the 9 am class, but decided to do lift heavy things. I HATE lifting heavy things. I wish there was a push up pill.

However, check out the dress that was a mere pile of fabric at noon yesterday (which will be decidedly more attractive on a 3d body rather than the 2d look a hanger gives.) I was hired by a dear friend to create a dress for a production of the musical Next to Normal at a local theatre company. Patterning, cutting, and sewing = 7 hours of fun.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Bonus–the actress is close to my size.Perhaps I need a copy for myself?

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